Written by Nick Heer.

Desktop Class

Fraser Speirs reviews his new iPad Air:

I use an iPad literally every day and, when I’m teaching, as my main work computer. I am finely attuned to every aspect of the performance profile of the apps I use.

I know exactly how long Safari takes to bring up the keyboard when I want to search. I know exactly how quickly Tweetbot will resume and refresh the feed. I know how long Explain Everything will take to render a five-slide presentation. I know how long it takes for Keynote to open a particular file.

What I know about the iPad Air is that I’m constantly being surprised by these apps being ready and waiting for me as soon as I try them. I’m having to speed up my muscle memory as the iPad is ready sooner than I anticipate.

This bodes well for the virtually-identical iPad Mini with retina display. I’m very excited to get my hands on one of those.