Written by Nick Heer.


I’ve been a little quiet lately because I have been preparing for an exhibition I curated. It’s called “Departures”; here’s an excerpt from my curatorial statement:

These sundry works have been selected from a much greater pool of works by [Teresa] Tam, and have been arranged in an open but deliberate narrative. By placing older works in context with more recent ones, parallels are revealed in the aesthetic and formal choices despite years and mediums of separation. Further exploration reveals that this is not a simple retrospective, but rather a more complex commentary on the mediums’ influences on each other. There are analog “glitches” in the Polaroids which are reflected in the digital glitches created in the videos, for example.

Due to their arrangement in the gallery, the individual works are given new context and meaning; collectively, they form an entire work unto itself, which I have titled “Departures”.

I try not to self-promote here, but I wanted you to understand my absence. This has been a huge amount of work, and I look forward to showing you a little more very soon.