Dell and Samsung Announce New Displays at CES

Adam Engst, writing at TidBits in 2018:

In short, the LG UltraFine 5K Display appears to be the only 5K display you can buy today, and you would have to order it online, sight unseen. If you can wait, it’s possible that LG will have a new model, and Apple has said that it will be releasing an Apple-branded professional display alongside the revamped Mac Pro in 2019. Apple has said nothing about specs, but it’s hard to see the company selling a screen that doesn’t at least match up to its iMacs.

Apple did indeed launch a famously expensive display alongside the 2019 Mac Pro, followed by a less costly option last year. Even with Apple’s own-brand entries, there have been painfully few options for anyone who would like to a higher density display than the industry standard 27-inch 4K models allow.

Dan Siefert, the Verge:

That, of course, was until this week, when Samsung and Dell both announced new monitors clearly meant to appeal to Mac users. These new screens aren’t just run-of-the-mill 4K panels with USB-C ports and white plastic — they have the actual high-res pixel densities that work best with macOS and match the sharpness of Apple’s displays. They also offer the “whole package” of integrated webcam, microphone, and speakers that Apple sells with the Studio Display, providing a whole desk setup through one cable.

Samsung’s is a 27-inch 5K model of exactly the same density as Apple’s Studio Display or the now-departed big iMac, while Dell’s is a 32-inch 6K model comparable in size and density to the Pro Display XDR. Why it has taken so long for other options remains a great unanswered question, as does — so far — the pricing of these new displays.