Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

The Default Narrative

The astute-as-ever Watts Martin:

The “iOSification” of OS X surely leads to OS X either becoming just as locked down as iOS or simply merging with iOS in a few years! Again, no real evidence supports this—the iOS elements that have been migrated to OS X have not resulted in OS X becoming more locked down. And there’s no reason to think that more OS X technologies won’t move to iOS, making it less locked down.

No reason, except that wouldn’t fit the default narrative.

In a similar vein, Cabel Sasser reflects on Apple’s relatively recent status as a giant company:

With keynotes still watched closely, but constant flying-car expectations mellowed out. Innovating constantly, but at a possibly more relaxed pace, so that those innovations can truly stand out. Still pushing the industry, but still with something to prove.