The Internet Archive Now Hosts DatPiff’s Collection of Rap Mixtapes

In April, the Internet Archive’s Jason Scott said DatPiff would be uploading every mixtape it had because the site was going in a “different direction”. The resulting library of hundreds of thousands of records is an overflowing treasure chest.

Andre Gee, Rolling Stone:

No one at DatPiff divulged much about what happened with last year’s server crash or their new plans for their platform. They developed an app in 2019, but it’s no longer on the App Store or Google Play store. It’s unclear what Datpiff 2.0 will look like in a digital ecosystem where streaming providers and platforms like SoundCloud have become the primary venues for artists to upload their music. But what’s surer, for now, is that their upload to The Internet Archive will protect a generation of music.

We are so lucky the Internet Archive exists.