Data Transfer Project

Matt Burgess, writing for Wired in 2019:

GDPR is delivering results. Big time. Facebook has today announced a tool that allows anyone to copy their endless selfies and holiday pictures from the Zuckerberg empire to Google Photos.


And photos are just the beginning. The data moving tool has been created as a result of the Data Transfer Project. The project was setup in 2018 and is a collaboration between the world’s biggest tech companies: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter and are the group’s key members.

Curious that you can transfer to Google Photos images from two of its biggest competitors, Facebook and now Apple’s iCloud Photos, but not from Google to either of those. As noted in this article, Google showed a prototype of transferring images to Facebook during a 2019 presentation, but that has not yet materialized. When I tried using Google’s Takeout service for this post, I only saw transfer options for Flickr and Microsoft OneDrive.