Written by Nick Heer.

Like Cracking a Nut With a Sledgehammer

Stefan Constantinescu, Android Beat:

The other two important things I’ve discovered have to do with displays. In less than two months, we’re going to enter 2014, and if Samsung’s slides are to be believed, we’re going to have devices with AMOLED panels that have a pixel per inch rating of 560. The company also says we’re going to have 4K displays, in smartphones, at some point in 2015. Overkill? Never, give me sharpness or give me death.

This seems awfully similar to the LG G2’s rewritten audio stack capable of supporting 24/192 audio, which has a spectrum so large that its extremes are inaudible to any human being. I’m sure a 4K display will look beautiful, but I can hardly see the pixels on my 326 PPI iPhone, even when I bring it right up to my eyeball. What practical advantages does a 4K display have?