Written by Nick Heer.

Sarah Cooper, the Trump Lip-Sync Genius

Greg Braxton, Los Angeles Times:

[Sarah Cooper] gives much of the credit for her newfound success to “the writing, which is so good.” She explained, “Trump is an amazing comedy writer without realizing it. There were so many moments I was able to use. I put the video out within a few hours of him saying those words. A lot of people said they saw the parody before they saw the real thing, which made it not only good content but newsworthy.”

Trump’s stumbles remind her of her former career as a designer for Google, where she was required to attend a stream of monotonous meetings where much was said but little was accomplished.

“When Trump started doing those daily briefings and being confronted with how incompetent he is and how out of his element he is, I was just reminded of being in the corporate world and seeing people BS-ing through a meeting, making their coworkers think they know things when they really have no idea what they’re talking about,” Cooper said.

It has been said elsewhere before, but this president is impossible to parody through exaggerations. There’s just no air between his real-world statements and Alec Baldwin’s “Saturday Night Live” script. But Cooper cracked the formula: his exact words, stripped of the legitimacy of his office and the pantomimed straight-faced coverage of television reporters, is a disarming and hilarious formula.