Written by Nick Heer.

Comcast’s Memo on Their New Data Caps

As reported by Dante D’Orazio of the Verge, this is a memo from Comcast’s PR people to their customer service reps. This is especially telling:

There are also a few other interesting details in the leaked documents, including the company’s policy for dealing with customers who use certain buzzwords that Comcast doesn’t like. If a customer utters the words “net neutrality,” or dares to ask about what is and isn’t counted under the data cap, they’ll get transfered to a different customer service team. Calls will also be escalated if customers make “observations about how Xfinity services are or are not counted relative to third party services.” Representatives are instructed “not address these items with the customer” according to the documentation. Historically, Comcast’s own internet streaming services, like its Xfinity app for Xbox, have not counted against caps, while competing services like Netflix do.

For all the things my ISP does wrong — and Shaw does a lot wrong — at least the streaming service they built with the other Canadian ISPs does not enjoy special treatment. That Comcast’s does sure sounds like some kind of anticompetitive violation, does it not?