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Written by Nick Heer.

Coin Is Trying to Be a Card That Replaces Every Swipeable Card in Your Wallet

Nick Summers, the Next Web:

It looks just like any other credit card and can be processed by the vast majority of credit card terminals. The low-key device has a small display and a button for cycling through all of your stored cards. Select the one you need for that given moment and then swipe your Coin through the terminal to make a payment.

It looks super intriguing, and I’d give one a try. There are a couple of drawbacks to it, though: it doesn’t support chip and pin cards yet (both of my cards are chip and pin), and it appears not to support Interac either. Finally, it has a non-rechargeable, non-replaceable battery which Coin says will last two years — when it runs out, the entire card must be replaced to the tune of $100.

Still, if you’re someone who has several credit cards that you wish could be consolidated, Coin might be what you’re looking for.