Akiva Cohen Reads Alex Berenson’s Lawsuit Against Twitter twitter.com

Alex Berenson, the “pandemic’s wrongest man”, recently sued Twitter for banning him in August. He alleges that, by doing so, Twitter somehow violated the First Amendment, the California Constitution, and somehow unjustly enriched itself, among eight total claims.

It makes no sense.

That should be obvious, right? Like, we are talking about Alex Berenson here — he has a notoriously tenuous grasp on cause and effect, and either cannot read very well or deliberately misrepresents the information he uncovers. But it is not Berenson writing these claims; he has lawyers working on this suit on his behalf, and they should know better than to entertain a fiction of seriousness for this clown.

Akiva Cohen, who is an actual lawyer, has read through the entire suit to explain why it is so comically wrong. Unfortunately, Cohen did so in a Twitter thread and illustrated it with animated gifs. It is not an easy thing to read — made worse by a bug where Twitter will sometimes omit some tweets in a thread — and I wish it were published as a more coherent narrative. However, it is too comprehensive and too entertaining — “what the crispy fried fuck is this?” — to avoid linking to.

If you would prefer a briefer explanation, Mike Masnick of Techdirt has you covered, and on a single webpage with paragraphs, no less.