Some Men, It Seems, Cannot Handle Drinking Cocktails From Appropriate Glassware

Becky Hughes, New York Times:

While efforts to challenge the gender binary are evident in how we talk, dress for work and wear makeup, a visit to the cocktail bar might transport you back to the 1950s. Bartenders say that many men appear as committed as ever to drinking out of “manly” glasses and avoiding glassware they deem too feminine.

“It’s an industry joke that we tend to stereotype people based on their glassware preferences,” said Kaslyn Bos, 30, a bartender at Donna in the West Village. At Donna, the drinks are colorful, sometimes heavily garnished with fruit and cocktail umbrellas and often served in “shapely glasses,” she said.

Ms. Bos has fielded requests — only from men — to transfer a cocktail from one glass to another. She noted that a manly glass, to those asking, is always a rocks glass.

Lest you think this is some isolated or recent phenomenon, a six-year-old video on Playboy’s Indulgence YouTube channel has bartenders commenting on exactly the same thing. Hilarious and tragic.