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Written by Nick Heer.

Close the EarPod Doors Please HAL

Some guy on the internet:

You may have seen the story last week about Apple working on new EarPods with Biometric and Bluetooth Location features. All the news items I saw, from the Daily Mail in the UK to the evening news in the US. […]

I made it up. I wrote it 5 minutes after I woke up on the 1st of [May]. I was blurry eyed, I had a headache, I was using the toilet and worrying about my blood pressure.

Here’s the craziest part about this Secret: the day after this was posted, Apple hired a guy whose specialty is working on health monitoring devices worn in the ear.

The other fascinating part of this story — which, sadly, isn’t so crazy any more — can be seen in the number of publications who wrote about this as if it was a legitimate rumour that deserved coverage, without any verification whatsoever.