Written by Nick Heer.

Unsurprisingly, Clearview AI Aims to Branch Out Beyond Police

Matt O’Brien and Tali Arbel, the Associated Press:

A controversial face recognition company that’s built a massive photographic dossier of the world’s people for use by police, national governments and — most recently — the Ukrainian military is now planning to offer its technology to banks and other private businesses.


The new “consent-based” product would use Clearview’s algorithms to verify a person’s face, but would not involve its ever-growing trove of some 20 billion images, which [Clearview CEO Hoan] Ton-That said is reserved for law enforcement use. Such ID checks that can be used to validate bank transactions or for other commercial purposes are the “least controversial use case” of facial recognition, he said.

Remember when the company promised to only allow law enforcement uses? Ton-That killed that principle earlier this year. If Clearview could have operated with individual consent, it would have obtained it already.

Every day this company is allowed to keep operating represents an increasing policy failure.