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Written by Nick Heer.

Clearing Things Up

Dan Counsell of Realmac Software:

Our existing customers were understandably upset that we were no longer updating the old version of Clear, and that we wanted to charge them for an update. So after much deliberation we changed our plan: we updated the old version of Clear for iOS 7 and put it back on the store. Our sole aim was, and remains, wanting to do the right thing for users.

This comes after a previously confusing resolution to Realmac’s pricing of the iOS 7 version of their app versus the previous versions. I’m still surprised that there was a backlash against the iOS 7 update: the company worked hard to produce the app, and there are far more expensive todo apps which have dedicated iPhone-only versions (Things and OmniFocus, I’m looking at you). The two separate responses over the past several months has created an even greater mess.