Written by Nick Heer.

Charts in Tweetbot 4

There’s a lot that I love about Tweetbot 4, but the new Activity view is not yet one of them. I like it in theory, but I find it confusing. I’ve been a little quiet on Twitter today, so my activity on the Stats tab is currently “16”.

Sixteen whats?

Sixteen activities? Sixteen interactions? Apparently, there was a message that appeared the first time I launched Tweetbot that — as with pretty much any popup — I dismissed immediately. It seems to be the total number of replies, quotes, retweets, favourites, and followers gained in the past day, but it reads kind of funny: “Today’s Activity: 16”. Maybe I’m not cut out for hyper-analyzing my social media stats.

At the top of the Stats view is a chart of the past week’s activity, so you can compare how popular you are today relative to the prior six days. Below the chart are stats of how many favourites, retweets, and new followers occurred today — none of these are interactive, however, so you can’t see who your new followers are from this view.

But the Stats tab is far nicer than Twitter’s pedantic analytics view, as Dr. Drang explains:

The idea is to give you a quick sense of what’s been going on for the past week. Again, if you want to pore over the details, go to Twitter’s analytics site to see how many of your followers are self-employed weight conscious Verizon users.

Despite this, the view I’m most interested in is not the Stats tab, but the Activity tab, which shows a real-time view of favourites, retweets, and replies. The latter is especially nice because it functions kind of like a conversation view or inbox; tapping on one of the cells will take you to the tweet. But tapping on a favourite or retweet will take you to the user profile of the person who performed that action, rather than the tweet to which it applies. That makes for an inconsistent and rather strange experience, for me at least.