Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.


Matt Alexander thinks you should stop whining:

Whenever we decry Google Glass for how it works in its current iteration, how iOS 7 behaves in its second beta, or how the Xbox One would affect us today rather than three years from now, we betray a deep-seated sentiment of fear. We show that we — as the community of thinkers and doers comprising this industry — are afraid of adhering to the very tenets through which we judge others.

There is — no doubts about it — a fear of change in people which becomes especially hypocritical in the tech scene. But I disagree with Alexander that we should not criticize the products of these changes. There are valid criticisms abound which can (and, in my opinion, should) be raised. These criticisms are not to suggest that we should not change; rather, they’re to point out problems that may arise as a byproduct of these improvements.

Is Google Glass perfect in its current iteration? No. Should we have expected it to be perfect? Hell no. But are there legitimate privacy issues with a subtle camera that may or may not be recording at any given moment? Yes.