Canada Post to Phase Out Urban Home Mail Delivery

Interesting development from the file of “Commercial Sectors Technology Is Rapidly Superseding”. I thought most people in Canada would have door-to-door delivery, but according to Canada Post, that’s not the case — only about five million people, in a country with about 13 million households. They’re going to be switching us over to group mailboxes, which is a minor hurdle, according to our mayor:

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi pointed out that cities across the country will have to negotiate with Canada Post about where the community mailboxes will go.

“Obviously we’re going to have to find space. In newer communities they’re built with the … mailbox stations in place. So, in older neighbourhoods, over time, we’re just going to figure out where to put them,” said Nenshi.

There’s no major issue here, I don’t think. It’s slightly less convenient for us in older areas where we’re used to door-to-door delivery. Elderly and disabled customers in older neighbourhoods might find it challenging, which is obviously concerning, but I hope the mailboxes will be located within a reasonably close distance to most homes they cover.

Another interesting observation: Canada Post expects their parcel deliveries to increase, the only segment of their business to do so.