Video From Today’s ‘California Streaming’ Apple Event

John Voorhees at MacStories has posted copies of all of the videos from today’s “California Streaming” launch of the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple Watch Series 7, and new iPad and iPad Mini models. Apple did not launch new AirPods — which is a bit embarrassing for me — but at least I was not peddling rumours about a big Apple Watch redesign or satellite connectivity in the iPhone.

To find these videos, you may have to look at little harder than simply visiting YouTube and searching for “Apple”. Right now, the top-ranked video for that query is a live stream of a cryptocurrency scam. When I checked earlier, over fifteen thousand people were watching, and the channel broadcasting it somehow has over a million subscribers. As of writing, it is still live, and the Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses associated with the scam have received over $170,000 in just a few hours today.

Google has not responded to my questions about how easy it is to hijack an obviously popular brand term on YouTube with a commonplace scam like this one.

Update: A Google spokesperson confirmed the channel was terminated.