The Calgary Cassette Preservation Society

The Calgary Cassette Preservation Society:

Documenting Calgary’s music scene since 2007, this is the new home of the CCPS. We’re bringing over content from our old site and will be adding more stuff (including a long-dreamed of gig poster archive) in the coming months.

Via Boshika Gupta, CBC News:

The website is a work in progress as the team finishes migrating content to the site with the hope that the updated resource will make it super easy for music lovers to look up bands and listen to their recordings.

[Arif] Ansari is also aiming to include other ephemera from Calgary’s music scene, such as historic gig posters.

I am sad to say I had not heard of the original site until I read this CBC article. 2007 was a few years after I began going to gigs by many of the local artists documented on Ansari’s site, and I am hoping to see more recordings as people rummage around bins of old tapes.