Calendaring Layouts

I think Lukas Mathis nails his critique of the new Android calendar app, with one minor quibble:

It’s now a «5 Day» view, because it only shows five days. This is confusing, because it means that the starting day in this view changes. Instead of always being Monday (or Sunday in the US), it’s now a random day. So in order for me to figure out what I’m looking at, I first have to take a second to recalibrate my brain. Okay, the leftmost day is now a Wednesday…

I’m one of the heathens who vastly prefers a dynamic week layout, with today plus the next few days; if it’s a Wednesday, the Monday and Tuesday probably don’t matter much to me. Today-plus-four or today-plus-six is how I’ve always had my calendar set up. It’s one of the things a computer calendar does vastly better than a paper one.