More From Karl Bode on Four Years Since the End of U.S. Federal Net Neutrality Rules

Karl Bode, Techdirt:

This apparently needs repeating: a telecom regulator ignoring all objective data and neutering itself at the behest of the telecom lobby is a bad thing. Ignoring the public and using bogus data to eliminate popular consumer protections that took fifteen years of consensus making to craft is a bad thing. Telecom lobbyists using dead and fake people to create fake support for broadly unpopular policy is a bad thing. Putting natural monopolies with 30 years of anti-competitive behavior under their belts in charge of US telecom policy is a bad thing. If you’re applauding this stuff you’re either misinformed, or engaged in the misinforming.

I am personally in favour of exploring ISP nationalization, especially here in Canada. But if that is a bit too wild for you, the next best thing is ensuring network neutrality is maintained by regulation and adequate enforcement. Internet access is a utility, and it ought to be governed like one.