A Big Thank You patreon.com

We have just about reached the end of the year, and I want to thank everyone for reading my little website. Whether you started today or you have been a regular for a long time, I truly appreciate that you choose to give my writing a slice of your time and attention.

I would particularly like to thank those of you who have thrown your money behind my hobby on Patreon. Earnings there have helped me pay for subscriptions, hosting, apps, and other things that let me do a better job. This is not how I put a roof over my head or food on the table, but it does require a little financial outlay — and a lot of time — and I am thankful for the assistance.

If you would like to throw a few bucks behind my writing, the best way to do so is on Patreon. If you would not or cannot, I do not value your attention any less. Thank you for reading.