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Written by Nick Heer.

Betteridge’s Law Strikes Again

The headline:

Did Apple forget to tell automakers about the new Siri button?

The article:

After Apple announced plans to further integrate it’s [sic] Siri voice recognition software to a button on the steering wheel, some carmakers said they were unaware of those plans.

Audi told Fast Company, which contacted all nine carmakers mentioned by Apple, that it was not sure if the project could be completed in a year. A Chrysler spokesman said the company did not have any plans to announce anything. Toyota was equally as vague: “(T)here are no particular applications planned at this time.”

If you actually read the referenced article, you’ll find it paints a distinctly different picture. Of the nine car makers on the slide, three (Mercedes-Benz, GM, and BMW) confirmed the twelve-month timeframe promised by Scott Forstall. Another four (Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota, and Audi) all confirmed that they were working with Apple, but couldn’t promise an estimated arrival date. Honda didn’t respond by press time. Only Chrysler, one lone automaker, couldn’t confirm working with Apple, and wouldn’t comment on future product plans.

Of the eight automakers that responded, one hadn’t heard of Apple’s plans. Nice headline.