Bendy iPhones

My Trip Chowdhry Google alert struck paydirt today, courtesy of Garett Sloane of the New York Post, a newspaper for people who have read everything else in the doctor’s office:

Apple is investing heavily in a technology known as indium gallium zinc oxide, or IGZO screens, according to Chowdhry.

IGZO! But why, Trip?

IGZO glass could be used in flexible phones that represent the next leap in hand-held technology, he said.

Trip thinks a bendy iPhone is coming within the next three quarters. Really.

The researcher also said the glass Apple has been ordering can be cut in large sheets, meaning the company could be prepping for its long-anticipated high-definition flat-screen TV.

I’m pretty sure glass availability hasn’t been the reason we haven’t yet seen an Apple television set.

Maybe Trip Chowdhry has an inside scoop on this, or better information than I do. I certainly don’t have his rumour accuracy record — mine’s better.