Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Before the Fall

John Moltz reacts to today’s Samsung and Sony tablet announcements:

It’s nice to have choices, but it’s not nice to have confusion. This, I’m sure, will sound like Apple apologist bullshit but while Apple’s derided for not providing choice, it’s very clear what they sell. You want a phone, you get an iPhone (3 models in varying capacities). You want a tablet, you get an iPad (two models in varying capacities). Etc.

There’s a really fine line between providing choice and creating confusion. Apple leans toward simplicity, sacrificing customers who absolutely must have a phone with a five-inch display. Samsung tries to play all the markets. Both companies have found success in their particular strategies, but only one of those is the most successful company in the world by market cap.

Also, is it weird that we know precisely how many milliamp-hours the battery capacity of the Ativ Tab is, but we don’t know the price?