Written by Nick Heer.

Are We Still Complaining About Apple Maps?

You may remember John C. Dvorak from his infamous prediction of the failure of the iPhone; that’s a Macalope link — it’s funnier, and it provides this great quote:

Gosh, which John Dvorak do we believe? The one who says he deliberately trolls Apple fans just to gin up hits, or the one who blames Apple for his lousy analysis?

Well, Mr. Dvorak has written an article regarding Apple Maps. This should be a doozy:

On Monday I had a meeting at Apple with podcaster Leo LaPorte, TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell, and marketing guy Glenn Rubenstein. We were in three separate cars, each with a different navigation system, and we had several places to stop, including 1 Infinite Loop at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, lest they race around like madmen, this was a battle of the systems.

Oh, let’s all laugh at Apple Maps. I thought this had died out?

Glenn, who actually inspired my idea for the test, was using Apple Maps, which he switched to after iOS 6 dumped Google Maps. “I don’t have any trouble with it,” he said. “It works fine.” In fact, it worked better than Google.

*cue spit take montage*

Glenn arrived at least five minutes ahead of me. I gave the nod to Apple and now wonder what the fuss was about.

Don’t we all?