On the Trail of the Mysterious Guerrilla Archivist of the Internet gyrovague.com

Jani Patokallio:

Do you like reading articles in publications like Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal or the Economist, but can’t afford to pay what can be hundreds of dollars a year in subscriptions? If so, odds are you’ve already stumbled on archive.today, which provides easy access to these and much more: just paste in the article link, and you’ll get back a snapshot of the page, full content included.


The Internet Archive is a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit with a budget of $37 million and 169 full-time employees in 2019. archive.today, by contrast, is an opaque mystery. So who runs this and where did they come from?

This unique resource is as useful as it is likely to be fleeting. I am amazed it has survived for as long as it has.