Switching to San Francisco Font

Myriad and San Francisco don’t really go together. So, after Apple’s operating systems, product packaging, keynote slides, and ad campaigns all switched to using San Francisco fully, it’s about time that the website followed suit.

Curiously, it’s not universally applied across the site. After you get past the top-level pages and start digging around a little, gaps begin to appear. The recently-updated Apple Watch and iPhone 7 pages are all San Francisco all the time, but the newer MacBook Pro page still mixes Myriad and San Francisco. The iPhone SE page got the San Francisco treatment, while the iPad Pro — of which the 9.7-inch variant was announced at the same event as the SE — is set entirely in Myriad. The iPad Mini 2 purchasing page, meanwhile, showcase the old online store design.

If you wanted to read perhaps a little too much into this, you might consider the state of each product’s section indicative of the product’s lifecycle. The iPhone pages won’t be updated any time soon, so they all get the newer typographic treatments. The iPad and Mac sections are likely to be updated soon with entirely new products, and will receive the new typography then. The iPad Mini 2, meanwhile, will probably be discontinued.