The Apple Watch Teardown

Some things I noticed while reading through this:

  1. Everything is really, really small. This should be obvious to anyone who’s tried a Watch or caught a glimpse at just how tiny they really are, but it’s worth saying again: the amount of miniaturization Apple has done here is staggering.

  2. Everything is typeset in San Francisco, from the instructional pamphlet, to the warning text on the battery, to the serial number on the back of the Taptic Engine.

  3. iFixit has generally not been kind to Apple in terms of their repairability scores, but they gave this a 5/10. I guess they’re letting a lot of stuff slide since this is a crazy-miniaturized wearable product.

  4. This is arguably one of the more interesting teardowns iFixit has done. Most smartphones are kinda similar inside; this is a radically different product. And, I must say again, it is tiny.

  5. The as-of-now nonfunctional oxygen sensor is intriguing.