How Apple Is Demonstrating the Vision Pro

Michael Steeber:

Compared to other new platforms, Apple is relatively early to the spatial computing category in a consumer context. In addition, Apple Vision Pro is intensely personal, much more so than even the Apple Watch. Trying your buddy’s Vision Pro is more like trying on their shoes than playing with their iPhone: it might work if you’re the same size, but it’s going to be awkward and maybe even a little bit gross.

All of this makes a great demo absolutely critical. That’s mostly new ground for Apple. Even the Apple Watch demo experience was essentially a more sophisticated and personal way to try the product and explore band options. Today, it’s not even possible to walk into an Apple Store and hold Vision Pro without an appointment.

This is a good look at what it is like to try a Vision Pro in one of Apple’s stores — something those of us outside the United States are unlikely to experience for many months. Even if you are uncertain about Steeber’s frankly fawning coverage of the retail experience, it is worth your time to understand how such a unique and personal device can be shown to so many people in a relatively organized fashion. This is unlike any product Apple has tried to sell in its stores and, so, demands an entirely different approach.