Apple Releases iOS 9.3.2

Remember that FairPlay bug that was preventing me — and, presumably, at least a few other people — from using native watchOS apps? You probably remember it as the thing I kept mentioning until Apple paid attention to it. Well, this is a bug fix nearly a year in the making: iOS 9.3.2 resolves it. And they don’t even mention this in the release notes.

For those of you with an iPhone SE, or if you want to use Night Shift and low battery mode at the same time, this update fixes issues there too.

Update: Mayur Dhaka:

Meanwhile launching the camera still pauses your music. One would think it isn’t a complicated fix.

One day, listening to music while taking a photo will once again be possible. I have hope.

Update: Apparently, this update is bricking some 9.7-inch iPad Pro models with an “error 56” message. Out with one debilitating bug; in with another.