Apple Releases iOS 11.4 With AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, and More

Ryan Christoffel, MacStories:

Today Apple released iOS 11.4, likely the final major release for the operating system before its successor, iOS 12, reaches the public in September. The update includes two major features that were originally revealed last June as iOS 11 features, but were later delayed: AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud.

The teasing and continued delays of both of these features has been aggravating, to say the least, but the latest builds of iOS 11.4 have been very stable for me. Messages in iCloud is one of my favourite new features.

Apple also announced today that the HomePod will be released in Canada on June 18, as well as France and Germany. Their deadline for those latter two countries was “this spring”, so it looks like they’ll make it.