Apple to Announce ‘Major Initiative’ in Interview With CBS This Morning

Gayle King of CBS This Morning interviewed Tim Cook for an initiative Apple is announcing tomorrow. King previewed it today by saying:

It is not a new product. We should say, it is not a new product. It’s something, I think, bigger and better than that.

So, if not a new product, what could it be?

Apple’s January events have often centred around education, so it would not surprise me if the tip that fell into my lap is correct. It seems that Apple is a founding partner of the new to-be-officially-unveiled Propel Center in Atlanta:

Spanning 50,000 square feet, Propel Center will include state-of-the-art spaces to accommodate lecture halls, learning labs and common areas to facilitate group learning. The physical Propel Center will serve as a centralized nexus and symbol for HBCU collaboration across the country.

In addition to the main building, Propel will also be offering on-campus labs equipped by Apple, and online instruction with master classes from Spike Lee, Lisa Jackson, and — awkwardly — Jack Ma. There’s lots more; the promo site is only one page, but it’s worth checking out.

Anyway, I am not saying this is definitely what Cook will be talking about, but I am as confident as I can be that you will hear more about this tomorrow.