Recode: Apple Pay for Mobile Websites Coming Later This Year

Jason Del Rey, Recode:

Apple has been telling potential partners that its payment service, which lets shoppers complete a purchase on mobile apps with their fingerprint rather than by entering credit card details, is expanding to websites later this year, multiple sources told Re/code.

The service will be available to shoppers using the Safari browser on models of iPhones and iPads that possess Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology, these people said. Apple has also considered making the service available on Apple laptops and desktops, too, though it’s not clear if the company will launch that capability.

Apple Pay cards are saved locally to an iOS device’s secure enclave, so I’m not sure how an OS X experience could work. Maybe with two-factor authentication using an iOS device’s saved cards to complete the transaction? Or, perhaps future Macs will contain a secure enclave.