Apple Music Will Pay a Ten Percent Bonus to Artists Who Release Spatial Audio Mixes

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

Apple will pay up to 10% more per play in royalties for tracks where a spatial version is available. This is starting with January’s payouts.

Crucially, Apple Music users do not necessarily have to listen in Spatial Audio for the artist to be rewarded with the bonus payout.

I am still iffy about the concept of Spatial Audio tracks. Like previous efforts of mixing music in surround sound, songs work best when it they are recorded with the intention of mixing in Spatial Audio. Is a ten percent bonus on the notoriously stingy payouts of music streaming services worth the effort and cost of songs made in this way?

It is probably worth keeping this tucked in the back of your mind when Apple announces at some point in the future the number of available Spatial Audio tracks.