Apple Announces New Apple Music API

John Voorhees, MacStories:

Today Apple announced a new Apple Music API via its Affiliate Program Newsletter. According to Apple, the API:

…allows iOS apps to directly control Apple Music playback and more. We encourage affiliates to use the Apple Music API to provide a superior user experience by integrating music into their apps.

With the Apple Music API you can:

  • See if a user is currently an Apple Music member

  • See which country the user’s account is based in

  • Queue up the next song or songs based on a song ID for playback

  • Inspect playlists already in My Music or create a new playlist with a title and description (see App Store Review Guidelines for limitations).

It’s still early days for this API. I hope the door opens soon for apps that can provide their own recommendation engines and use Apple Music for the backend; I’m not sure that’s possible with this API yet. It’s a good start.