Apple Music Now Groups Different Versions of the Same Album

Federico Viticci:

Looks like Apple has brought back one of the best features from Beats Music with Apple Music: Other Versions of the same album.

This section collects remasters, reissues, remixes, demos, deluxe editions, and explicit/clean versions of the same album.

Because this appears to be automated, it also cleans up instances of multiple copies of the same album on artist pages. I’m still not sure why Apple Music had five copies of “First Impressions of Earth”; it now has only two, though I still can’t understand why.

This appears to be slightly conservative in its approach, too. While it groups the clean and explicit versions of Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn”, it does not group the “collector’s edition”, which has a reversed tracklist. By the way, there are at least nine copies of “good kid, m.A.A.d city” on Apple Music. Again, I am not sure why there would be more than four — clean and explicit versions of each the original release and the deluxe edition — but at least they’re all grouped together now.