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Written by Nick Heer.

Apple Announces October 30 Event in New York

I think these invitations are great. Many companies have strict guidelines that prohibit any transformation of their logo but, because of the ubiquity and simplicity of the Apple logo, they’re able to produce dozens of variations — some more successful than others.

The opera house at the Brooklyn Academy of Music is an interesting venue choice, largely because it’s not in the Bay Area. With the creative theme of the invitations and the venue, new iPad Pros seem like a given for this event. I’m also hoping for new desktop Macs: a refreshed iMac and a completely new Mac Mini seem like safe bets. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about the Mac Pro or new displays at this event.

Update: If that rumoured Retina display-equipped MacBook Air is slated for this event as well, I’m interested to see how that’s pitched.