Apple CarPlay Debuts

Apple has rebranded iOS in the Car as the much more syllable-friendly “CarPlay”, and launched it in Geneva. This new version has a much different interface than that shown at WWDC, as can be seen on the CarPlay page on Apple’s website. Also of note: there are third-party apps which support CarPlay; it isn’t known yet whether third-party developers require a special agreement to enable CarPlay support.

Unlike the iPod support in most cars, which is usually a glorified quarter-inch headphone jack, this is a fully-integrated system. It looks like it’ll be a hell of a lot easier to use than most in-car entertainment systems, too.

Update: MacStories has a video of Volvo’s implementation. While Volvo notes that this is controlled via the touchscreen, note that apps and things can be done via Siri instead, which is probably the less-distracting option.