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Written by Nick Heer.

App Store Prices to Increase in Many Countries

In what is starting to feel like an annual tradition, Apple is set to increase the price of apps in several countries. Joseph Keller, iMore:

App Stores affected by the change will be those in Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa. Those using in-app subscriptions in Russia and South Africa will need to resubscribe.

These sorts of adjustments are not uncommon. The changes in pricing are expected to take place across these countries in the next 72 hours, according to an email sent to developers by Apple.

The new pricing hasn’t been announced yet, as best as I can find, but I’m guessing that $1.19 apps in Canada (the equivalent of a $0.99 app in the US) will increase to $1.29.

In the email to developers, Apple notes:

Two new low-price tiers will be available for the Canadian and New Zealand App Store: Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B. We’ll automatically update the prices for existing apps and In-App Purchases that already use the Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B price tiers.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a badge of honour for my country to have an exchange rate so shit so as to create two new lower-priced tiers.