Core Values

Sometimes, a single sentence is all you need.

Michael Tsai, in a collection of links about the new ad formats in the App Store:

Your core values are what you do on an ongoing basis, not the talking points that you broadcast or what you did 20 years ago under different leadership.

Cogent. No notes.

There is also a discussion in Tsai’s comments about iAd, Apple’s first attempt to create an iOS ad network under Steve Jobs’ leadership. Among many differences — iAd originally had million-dollar minimum buys — one thing iAd got right was its multiparty benefit. Advertisers got their product or service in front of people, Apple got its cut, and developers of the apps in which the ads were placed got paid. And plenty of apps already included ads, so an iAd was not surprising to users.

App Store search ads are somewhat beneficial to developers who can get their apps in front of users. But they are arguably more rewarding for Apple: the cmopany gets paid for every tap from an interested user, and a cut of every paid app download and in-app purchase. iAd felt like a typical ad network that, at first, only had high-end buyers; App Store ads feel more like key money.