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Written by Nick Heer.

Android Wear Won’t Be Integrated With HealthKit on iOS

Stephanie M. Lee, Buzzfeed:

The steps, heart rate, and other fitness metrics tracked by Android Wear for iOS won’t appear on Apple’s health dashboard for iPhone, Health. Instead, they’ll be routed to Google’s competing health dashboard, Google Fit.

I’m entirely unsurprised to see this kind of platform antagonism from Google. Most of their existing iOS apps are presented through an interpretation their Material design language on iOS. It looks awkward and disjointed, but it gives them their only “in” with bringing Google-y things to iOS.1 Would it hurt them to send Android Wear data to both HealthKit and Google Fit? Probably not in any way meaningful, but it would give users another reason to stick with iOS. Best keep their data as much in Google’s control as possible.

  1. Apple does pretty much the same thing with iTunes’ UI on Windows, but they don’t make the claim that they’re open with their apps’ information. ↩︎