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Written by Nick Heer.

Anandtech’s iPad Pro Review

From a near-perfectly calibrated display to monstrous SoC performance, the iPad Pro seems to be in a league of its own. The Pencil, in particular, is extremely impressive:

After a few trials I measured an approximate latency for the iPad Pro of roughly 49ms or 3 frames of delay, while the Wacom Cintiq in this configuration had roughly 116ms or ~7 frames of delay. It’s worth mentioning here that the camera I used was recording at 240 FPS, so these figures could be off by around 4ms even before accounting for human error. Although the Cintiq 22 HD does have higher latency, I wouldn’t put too much into this as it’s likely that a more powerful computer driving the display would narrow, if not eliminate the gap entirely. […]

To give an idea for how much the application has an effect on latency, the Apple Notes app has roughly 38 ms or around 2 frames of latency from when the stylus tip passes over one point to when the inking reaches the same point.

Caveats aside, 38 milliseconds of latency is astonishing, and something you can really feel. The hardware, then, is extremely impressive; the software, on the other hand, still leaves a lot to be desired.