Analyst, Apparently Hearing of This ‘Apple’ Company for the First Time, Speculates It Could Sell Its Chips to Third Parties

Daniel Howley, reporting for Yahoo Finance:

“Apple is beating chip companies at their own game with the M1 series,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives told Yahoo Finance.


According to Ives, however, Apple may eventually make the M1 Ultra available to other computer makers, giving consumers the ability to build their own M1 Ultra-based systems while putting Apple in direct competition with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

“This latest M1 Ultra is a game changer on the graphics front and ultimately is competitive versus Nvidia,” Ives said. “Now it’s about how big Apple goes outside Cupertino and selling its chip to third parties.”

I love this take so much. Like, it sounds kind of dumb, but is it? Apple has created this staggering line of chips that lowers its own costs while making its computers more compelling than they have been in years, and it is entirely proprietary. By Ives’ reckoning, why would Apple want to sell Macs for thousands of dollars apiece when it could sell its chips for hundreds while destroying its competitive advantage? You know, apart from the logic of everything about that.

Also, those claims about performance rivalling Nvidia’s RTX 3090? Apple’s Bezos charts showed less than the full picture.