Written by Nick Heer.

An Omen

Six new tracks from How To Destroy Angels (oddly styled “How to destroy angels_”), for $5. I’ve listened through the record a few times already and it’s great. The included art is beautiful as well.

Deftones also have a new record out today, “Koi No Yokan“. The early reviews are very strong, though I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

The Weeknd has released “Trilogy” (iTunes link), which is comprised of the three mixtapes he released last year, plus a few new tracks. It’s sublime.

Lastly, Soundgarden are releasing their first new record in over fifteen years. It’s called “King Animal” and it is really damn good. They played the album opener “Been Away Too Long” on Jools Holland last week, along with the classic “Rusty Cage“.

And, if you must, Green Day has a new record out today, which should make a nice coaster.