Written by Nick Heer.

An iPad Campaign for Normals

Remember Apple’s previous campaign — “Your Verse” — that showed how you could use the iPad inside a wind turbine, or to rescue people lost at sea? Well what if you have a comparatively mundane life, like most people? Federico Viticci of MacStories on the new “Everything Changes” campaign:

Apple’s focus is on ordinary situations: traveling and using Maps and FaceTime for directions and staying in touch with others; letting kids learn through educational apps and games from the App Store; managing personal tasks with OmniFocus and Todoist or creating a promotional poster directly on an iPad.

It’s hard to relate how some people use the iPad with how you can use it, unless you see it in an average, normal, everyday context.

As Viticci notes, the timing is curious. You know how iPad sales are down? These ads can’t hurt awareness, but “iPad” is pretty much a byword for “tablet”, at least for most people that I talk to. It isn’t that people haven’t heard of the iPad, but that many people haven’t spent significant time with one to know how it fits into their lives. These ads do a way better job of showing how other normal people use it.