An Interview With Marc Newson

The Wall Street Journal interviewed1 current Apple contract designer Marc Newson:

My design pet-peeve is: the automotive industry. There were moments when cars somehow encapsulated everything that was good about progress. But right now we’re at the bottom of a trough.

Compare that answer to, say, Tim Cook’s at D11 in 2013, when asked about wearables:

So, what does Cook think of Google Glass? The Apple CEO says the device has some merit, but might be targeting the wrong part of the human body.

“I think there are some positive points in the product,” Cook said. “I think it’s probably more likely to appeal to certain vertical markets. … I wear glasses because I have to. I don’t know a lot of people that wear them that don’t have to. They want them to be light and unobtrusive and reflect their fashion. … I think from a mainstream point of view [glasses as wearable computing devices] are difficult to see. I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural.”

  1. Where by “interviewed” I mean “asked a series of fill-in-the-blank questions, a la one of those viral surveys that made the rounds on Hotmail fifteen years ago”. ↥︎