Written by Nick Heer.

More on In-App Purchases for Amazon Prime Video

John Gruber dug into yesterday’s confusing Amazon Prime Video situation and, predictably, has created the most comprehensive explanation I’ve seen yet:

Why would Apple agree to this? Financially, Apple now gets a cut of some Prime Video rentals and purchases, and a recurring cut of new Prime Video subscriptions made in-app. And Apple TV users get all the benefits from the Prime Video app supporting AirPlay 2, universal search, and integration with the TV app that Apple is trying to make the default interface for watching shows and movies. Prior to this deal, Apple made nothing from Prime Video — it was a free app with no in-app purchases, and there was no way to subscribe to Prime Video through iTunes.


It’s a win for Apple, a win for Amazon, and a win for users in the Apple TV ecosystem.

It does seem like an all-around win. However, the question remains why this policy is something that is seemingly only available through channels not generally available to providers of comparable services, and why it so far seems to apply to just three service providers.