AWS Drops Parler Tonight

Perhaps it is somewhat restrictive for Amazon to decide that it does not want to host a social network that is deliberately under-moderated — to the extent that it lacked basic controls against posting child sexual abuse imagery — on which an attempted insurrection was planned, and where many users in the days before and after that attack described their plans for assassinating lawmakers. I am not, however, convinced it says anything more general about the power of big tech companies. I imagine the moneyed backers of Parler can find another host for their Nazi-filled community of “free speech advocates”, or they can put some servers together themselves. They can surely pull themselves up by their gold-tipped bootstraps — unfortunately for society.

Update: Parler has now found a home with a hosting company that specializes in the same sort of websites. It is almost as though this was not censorship as much as it was one company not wishing to do business with another company for completely understandable reasons.